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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  April 19, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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first look at a major roadway change that will affect tens of thousands of commuters. don't count on the g.p.s. to get through it. it's the opening of the long-awaited onramp for the i-395 tunnel at massachusetts avenue but it includes another ramp closing. q mccray joins us now live with what drivers out there need to know. q mccray, a big change? q: a huge change. you said it. whether it's good or bad depends on the direction that you are driving. athbound you are in luck. westbound, not so much. this will change howl people drive in d.c. the on-ramp to i-395 southbound to mark a major milestone in the $1.4 billion third street tunnel project. they have been working on the project for 12 years now. essentially the workers a
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creating three new city blocks over the interstate to support home, retail and the office space. >> the economic driver for the city. it is found real estate for them. the seven acres come back to the real estate tax book. >> for the drivers it's finding a new way around town. there are only two ways to get on the new ramp. you have to be driving eastbound on massachusetts avenue. or make a left off port street. the third street onramp will have to shut down. what does it mean for people along 8th street? they have to keep driving. to "d" street to get on the interstate. >> if you are driving westbound on massachusetts you will either travel down k street and take a left on fourth or travel westbound mass avenue to make a left on fifth street. travel to the d street
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q: again, this only affects the drivers trying to head southbound on 395. the opening of this portal and the closure will happen simultaneously saturday. q mccray, abc7 news. michelle: count on the abc7 traffic watch team to keep you ahead of the problems. go to to sign up for traffic alerts to the phone. jonathan: interstate changes, the maryland governor making a promise about the big changes coming to 270. >> it will save commuters 40 minutes. >> the $10 million overall will begin this fall. montgomery county says more if is need and they are posing expanded h.o.v. lane and reversal hot lane. michelle: the congressman who led the investigation in
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server and the i.r.s. scandal says he is calling it a career. >> i just turned 50. sleeping on a cot in my office. i spent 1400 nights away fromfy family. time to recalculate. >> jason chaffetz says he will not seek public office in 2018. jonathan: to the united states show of force against north korea. uss carl vinson and the strike group are expected to arrive in the see of japan next week. the departure is days that president trump said it was headed to the korea peninsula. the white house maintains north korea is a dangerous and an urgent threat. police say yesterday's shooting spree in california was a hate crime but not act of terrorism. ad mitted killer muhammad facing now four murder
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charges. three for the victims yesterday and one for the death of a motel security guard for last week. michelle: flowers are arriving at the pennsylvania mcdonald's to help capture killer. the note called the workers an example for the community. a drive-through worker recognized steve stephens yesterday and everyone tried to stall him after calling police. he killed the man on camera. jonathan: a search for the district for go armed men who robbed an armored car. witnesses say two men armed with what looked like ak-47 rifles went outside the truck. the thieves are on the loose. michelle: parents are on edge
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boys from a playground on easter. jemberu geda is in custody and charging documents say he exposed and fondled himself before grabbing the 8 and the 9-year-old cousins by the risk. the boys were able to get away. geda charged with attempted abduction and indecent exposure. jonathan: there is a search for a man who tried to light a cat on fire inside a cage. cheryl conner takes us to the street of southeast washington. cheryl: the humane rescue alliance came back with fliers. they spoke to wayne and track down who tried to set a cat on fire. >> somebody wanted to set him on fire. that is sad. >> the humane rescue alliance says it was a community cat, meaning no owner. much less the where you know here. a picture of the cat after it was picked up showing sitting close to the bur
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missing claw likely from frantically clawing at the cage or get away from the fire. >> the humane rescue alliance says she is too traumatized for the cam ro to get close but she was taken to a hospital before getting treatment at the northwest location. >> i don't have no idea. i hope they catch him. >> the humane rescue alliance set a trap on this alley after 8:00 and tried to be discreet as it works to spay and neuter cats without homes. >> come up. c'mon. >> now a $5,000 reward is being offered for an arrest and a conviction in the case. the neighborhood identified for a hot spot for community cats that are often fed by people like wayne. the injured cat will be evaluated to determine if living in the open air or going up for adoption is best. in southeast d.c., ch
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jonathan: crab season is underway and the new report says we could be on the cusp of a historic haul. michelle: caught on video, machete wielding man versus the police and how they made the arrest without hurting anyone. jonathan: wrong turn sends a guy running from the police into a river. why he ran and what he told the police officers as they tried to save him. michelle: after a cloudy day. cooler temperatures and thunderstorms tomorrow. i have timing for the storms coming up tonigh
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jonathan: you normally call an ambulance if someone is hurt. what happened this, only the ambulance hurt. banged up pretty good. it happened in northwest washington this morning. crash happened around the 19th street and virginia avenue. luckily, nobody was hurt. michelle: wizard end to a police chase in michigan. all caught on camera. you can see the pickup truck trying to escape from the police. that is when it takes an unexpected turn. literally. >> crashed in. crashed in to the river. michelle: the driver crashed into a river. the officers immediately jumped out. they run to the edge of the water. watch how it plays out
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>> c'mon, we'll help you out. water is too cold to be in there. >> okay. well, eventually the man gives in and he crawls out. police believe he was probably drunk. he told them he has an outstanding warrant. then added, "i'm so dumb." jonathan: the only thing he said right in the whole exchange. this was caught on video. you talk about police work being dangerous. this is what they came up against the guy. he is holding a machete. feet from the police in michigan. this guy was waving it around. several times. you can see that he is waving at the officers and coming close. charging at him. they don't shoot him. they back off. all the while another officer loading up a shotgun. the gun loaded up with the bean bags. they heard hay could drop a guy but they won't kill him. hit him in the gut. they got him in the handcuffsous anybody seriously hurt.
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ended up in handcuffs herself thanks to facebook! police say the woman was wanted on outstanding warrants when she decided to use facebook live. that is a feature on facebook. at a chuck e. cheese. the police saw it, zeroed in. she was arrested. jonathan: i love when that happens. just ahead for us the government jumps in after a surge in the e-cigarette explosions. we have a lot of video like this. what is done about it? michelle: first, grilled cheese causing a big problem in a town. how this truck driver escaped cheese free. that is next.
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jonathan: breaking news in the news room from manassas. skytrak7 over the scene of a fire at town house complex. you can see that the fire was in the middle section of the row of townhomes and the damage is significant. that is a clear picture of it there. the firefighters did knock the fire down. but again we are getting more information about what happened. hopefully by later this evening, maybe 10:00 or 11:00 we'll have a cause. we are not getting an
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michelle: quite the scene in wisconsin today. a truck carrying 20,000 pounds of cheese. caught on fire. making 20,000 pounds of queso dip. the driver removed the cab from the trailer and didn't suffer any injuries. jonathan: we have seen this with a guy injured. man in vegas heard a pop. looked down. saw shorts and the pants on fire. the navy is banning it. a burn center surgeon has seen a growing number of cases.
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charged. >> they were either in use or in the pocket. the majority of the injuries happened in the pocket. >> there is nothing like a chesapeake bay crab. we drive in the report as the crab season is full stride. they opened april first. this is good if you are planning a crab feast. they found record number of the adults. the hope is they will produce baby crabs. >> it should be steady and sustainable
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it should start off strong and it might dwindle through the summer. the resources still needs protection. >> something that we can do is to make the by a for the best habitat. >> some want them to have the smaller crabs. a group of the watermen that are pressuring the governor to change rules. >> no decision has been made and when it is based it will be science, not politics based. brad bell, abc7 news.
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cloudy skies. 61 and clouds all day long. some area may see fog. lower 60's across the board. >> through the evening hours hang on to clouds. there are a lot of area for upper 60. most of our rain stays south and north. we will turn partly sunny for the day and 80 to 82
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we will rewrack it and do it again. highs close to 81. chance of the afternoon showers and the thunderstorm. the coolest reading 55. warm temperatures with the lower 80's and the plenty of sunshine. extended outlook we will see the conditions change over the weekend. if you have the weekend plans we suggest things that you need the dry weather for. sunshine through the morning and the mid-day. it is going to rain on sunday. like what happens many times there is a rainy sunday and you have the
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a long stretch with a warming trend. upper 70's for next week. if you are a d.c. sports fan your heart is racing. >> there are two chances to breathe easy. get a preview of the playoff match. they must win. the wizards might not be as nervous. look down there? paul millsap, gartat's latest victim. can he do it tonight? we talk about that next in sports.
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robert: welcome back. game two between the wizards and the hawks. fans are filing in for the tip-off. hopefully they will get a win. to do that, the transition game has to be nice tonight. i usually is. tonight they go to atlanta wi
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bradley beal? >> they have a great half-court team. they load up to the ball. size in the paint. we have to make sure we move it side to side and not turn it over. if we turn it over they are good to get out and get the buckets. take care of it and get out in the transition. robert: for the capitols, oh, boy. must-win situation. down 2-1 in toronto. do you press the panic button? keep it close. if they lose tonight that is when you press it. there has to be added pressure. or maybe not. >> is every team has pressure. when we play the best game we can beat the
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that is all that matters. focus on ourselves and we will be fine. >> i'm not a professional athlete. never been one. but it has to be a special person not to feel pressure down 2-1 on road. back to you. jonathan: i am so glad you cleared that up. you look like you have professional athlete written all over you. robert: i tell people that all the time. walking down the street, i'm not a pro basketball. i can't give you an autograph. jonathan: i have seen you play basketball. so there is no confusion. michelle: tonight another -- doug: drizzle and fog. we have timing of the heavy rain over the weekend. michelle: "world news tonight" with david muir up next. jonathan: see you at 11
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tonight -- breaking news. longtime fox news star bill o'reilly is out. the network firing him today amid a growing list of sexual harassment claims and this evening we're just now hearing bill o'reilly's response. also breaking, new reporting as we come on tonight about the former patriot star discovered dead in his cell. authorities say it was a suicide. but tonight, new questions. also, what was written on his forehead. the stunning fall on the same day his former team headed to the white house. reversing course? new questions tonight after president trump said a very powerful armada is on its way to korea, was the ship really headed to the korean peninsula at the time or headed smas else? the head lines overseas asking, was the white house lying? severe storms hitting


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